A downloadable game for Windows

R.A.M is a space SHMUP

Your ram is leaking, will you be able to finish the game before the fatal crash?

This game supports controllers.

Controls :

Mouse/Keyboard :

WASD/ZQSD : Movement

Space/LeftMouseButton : Shoot

Left CTRL/RightMouseButton : Missile

Controller :

Left Joystick : Movement

A/RightTrigger : Shoot

B/LeftTrigger : Missile

Made during the 72 hours  Wowie Jam 2.0!

Musics were downloaded from http://keygenmusic.net/

Have fun!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsBrute-Force, Dodo Wolf, anstabo, Fluffy_Kaeloky, Artlock
TagsRetro, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, Synthwave


Win64.zip 59 MB


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You know I love your work. It was a really cool AHA moment when when I realized what the bar at the bottom was. Then I was like, "Oh, the defrag will help!" And then I remembered that RAM doesn't really get fragmented.

R.A.M.'s actually up first in this video.