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Crumble is a dynamic physic platformer. Try not to fall in an increasingly crumbling world.

This is the demo version of the game that will come out this Summer.

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From the fast paced platforming to the super fast paced downhill slopes, Crumble is a great time for playing as a goo ball. The cartoonish graphics, while simple, work excellently with the overall whimsical tone of the game, and I enjoyed how the music picked up more and more as the game became more action oriented. It's definitely on my list to return to once it's fully released.

Good job, dev.

Hey guys, awesome game, congrats! We'd be interested in helping you to promote the demo via the 30 Million users on our platform: https://poki.com/ the only thing we need is a playable web build. 

Please add me on Discord if you're interested: Indopride#9174 

Cheers from Amsterdam,


So, uh, Pepe's a playable character, yes?


Not a bad demo! There were definitely some strong and weak points, but overall a pretty solid start. There were a few times where I felt as if I were completely at the liberty of the physics engine, frustratingly so, to the point where it didn't feel like it was a matter of skill or understanding, but just of luck. If those can be ironed out this might be really amazing! Keep up the good work!


The game's idea is sweet, licking needs to be used more. :)