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OMG this game looks like so much fun. By any chance, on Windows, is this an x86 executable, or is it a 64bit game?

I only ask since I have an ARM device, and would love to support your work, but 64bit games run terrible on my computer (even games that are not graphically busy) 

If you were to consider making a port in either x86 or ARM64 for Windows too, it would mean alot <3

Other than that, props to for your hard work :)

Does this game only support English?


I may not be the most graceful at Crumble, but it's certainly a good time for some fast paced sliming around, tongue-roping everything. The music is happy and peppy, and the soft, puffy graphics turn it into a world where no matter how challenging things may become, it'll still be delightful. I remember playing the demo a while back and am looking forward to the super speedy zones.

Good job, dev.

Ahah that's awesome

Hey Devs!

My Gameplay:

I gave the demo a shot. I have been following this game for sometime but just recently encountered the demo, its been awesome to see the dev progresses and then finally get to play it. This game is truly a blast to play, hilarious at every moment and deceptively challenging. Very Well done! I hope you enjoy my game play of it, because I sure did! Keep up the great work.

  • Elit3hoboguy

£14.99 on Steam in the UK? You know that's over $20? 


I absolutely am in love with this game, it is fun speedy gameplay mixed with some fun as heck swinging and platforming.

If you want to see more on this game or just watch someone play it then be sure to check out my video below :D


Ahah great video! I'm happy you enjoyed the snaky boss level!